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“A work of art is good if it has arisen out of necessity.”

Rainer Maria Rilke, “Letters to a Young Poet”.




Tamara Milon is a painter, visual artist, installationist, performer, videographer,

poet, originally from Ukraine by her mother, born in Poissy.

she lives and works in Paris.


She begins early dance, theater and artistic creation.

After a baccalaureate in plastic arts and philosophy, she first worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for Universal Music and in publishing.


At 18, she visits an exhibition of Giorgio de Chirico and Max Ernst and she goes back  fascinated. These universes, these materials, transfigured colors where the eye can travel, carry messages for Humanity, as expressed by Bruce Nauman*:

"The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths"


More urgent than ever, this human condition, this condition of the living, in all its forms, in its primary sense, in its diversity, as well as in the scientific and ecological sense, remains at the center of the artist's concerns.


Sensitive, attentive to the world, she carries out extensive research on our link with the living and with ourselves. She produces many works, writes and creates symbolic and dreamlike universes.


She exhibits in France, the United States, Germany, her works are present in public and private collections.



*Bruce Nauman,  1998 Christine Van Assche, Christina Ricupero, Hayward Gallery

J.P.Aka, Heart Galerie, Paris11e: "The protean work of the artist Tamara Milon - filled with poetry and humanity - remains at the heart of today's reflections. »



Artistic approach :


"Living, moving"


In constant research, the work of Tamara Milon, an artist originally from Ukraine, tries to create links between man and himself, the world of yesterday and that of today.


She wonders about the relationship with the environment, about the meaning of the man-root facing the man-machine and technology.

The committed artist, but not an activist, explores diversity, the living, and movement.


She uses multidisciplinary: colors, materials, gestures, rhythms, poetic words as tools to give strength to her work, to her free-form canvases sewn à la Claude Vialla, and to create a visual poetry that she wishes to lead to primordial meanings.


Resolutely turned towards a creation from which the living tries to extract itself,

she has been developing her own universe, an idealized world, where life in all forms is exhaled.

Her sensitive, dreamlike and original work testifies to a great openness to the world.


She uses a wide variety of mediums and supports, although acrylic paint on sewn hangings remains her favorite medium.

Free mobile canvases, soft sculptures on fabrics, projection of images and costumes form an universe, visible in the form of installations exploring multiple, or unique works.


Working on the body in movement, resulting from her background in dance and theater, her plastic artworks are sometimes intended for staging in space, inspired from Bauhaus. We find them, live, during a performance or a video.


Playing on the exterior/interior, surface/depth, visible/invisible contrast, she invites the spectator to a double reading of the work, to a critical introspection and to a reflection on the living things.

Tamara Milon,

or the inhabited fairy tale.


The world closed for living is torn apart, and the space here wavers. Forever

separated, never knowing peace, Tamara Milon's colours clash, the canvas

vibrates, and everything shakes around enigmatic presences. Sumptuous

outbursts stun the expanse. Art open to mental shocks, tonic and deep,

charged with intimate affect, and surprisingly metamorphic. Plural and complex

art, which goes from droll human or floral appearances to strange perspectives

dedicated to the confines.

The daring sense of line and the plunge into the heart of the painted material

impose a very striking scenography. Worked from within, the colours are

moving, animated and travelling. Fluid painting in weightlessness, oxygenated

from within, disruptive, shifted, insidious and floating. With the fine allure of a

reverie, rich in an exalted and powerful lyricism, and an astonishing luminous


In Tamara Milon's work, a rare and singular artist, everything moves,

everything topples, and the carnal tremors join the tensions of modernity.

People in a hurry, coming from elsewhere, live by jerks in tilted places, and

shake up all the inertia of the world. The strange, rare, tight colours bewitch

the eye caught in their implacable play of mirrors. They occupy the front of the

stage, and the distant secrets of the expanse. In the finely worked margins of

fantastic art.

Sometimes it seems that Tamara Milon, underneath her magical, sensitive and

sensual allure, goes for the essential. Thus her flowers of destiny, invasive,

joyful and wild. Something forbidden smoulders under the seduction of

appearances, and tragedy lurks and hunts. Beings of archaic memory and

fabulous impact haunt territories of anxiety.

All these elements corrode the surface of the work and burn the scattered

elements with a harsh, subtly fairy-like charm, like a deadly perfume of love

devastating the labyrinth.


Christian Noorbergen - Art Critic and Art Historian - 2022

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